About Potter Mariano PLC

Local Attorneys Serving The Roanoke Valley

The days of the general practice firm are over. When you face personal legal matters, you need an attorney with experience in that specific area of law. The Roanoke lawyers of Potter Mariano PLC, provide focused representation in three main areas of practice:

Work injuries: We work diligently to secure the best outcome for you by analyzing complicated medical issues and identifying the long-lasting effects a workplace injury can have on your health. Our attorneys will use their extensive knowledge of Virginia workers' compensation law to protect your rights, and pursue any third-party personal injury claims.

Family law: Our attorneys have an exceptional reputation concerning both the resolution and litigation of divorce and family law disputes. This reputation is in large part due to their thorough understanding of the financial matters and calculations involved in divorces, separations, and spousal and child support negotiations. We are dedicated to achieving results through agreements and mediations, but our attorneys are prepared to litigate these cases if necessary.

A Team Approach

Our lawyers practice in these areas of the law, and consult each other to determine the best solutions and strategies for your case. You will always be able to speak to an attorney or paralegal who is familiar with your case.

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